University of Bath

Applying for jobs in academia (webinar)

Find out how to identify your own strengths, market yourself and make effective applications

21 Feb 20191.15pm
21 Feb 20192.05pm

About the webinar

This webinar will help you make effective applications for academic positions.

Learning outcomes

The webinar will help you to:

  • understand what academic recruiters are looking for
  • identify your own strengths and achievements are areas for development
  • market yourself and your research effectively in CVs, statements and covering letters

Accessing the webinar

This session will be delivered as a webinar - delivered online only. You will need access to a PC/Mac/Laptop/Tablet etc.with a good internet connection. You will not require a webcam or similar device as the webinar will only use audio. No microphone will be needed as you will be asked to interact with the tutor via a chat text box.

You will be sent further instructions on how to access this webinar online.