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How to bring positive change in a situation of conflict

As part of the Global Citizenship Programme, we are delighted to welcome Amy Peake, humanitarian campaigner and founder of Bath-based charity Loving Humanity.

  • 4 Mar 2020, 1.15pm to 4 Mar 2020, 2.05pm GMT
  • 1 East 2.4, University of Bath
  • This event is free

This event offers us the fantastic opportunity to join humanitarian campaigner Amy Peake. After a career in law and in the fitness industry, Amy founded Loving Humanity in 2014, a Bath-based charity that is working to improve the lives of thousands of girls, women and vulnerable people around the world.

Every month over 100 million girls and women suffer the indignity of coping with their period without access to sanitary pads. These are mothers and daughters in war zones, refugee camps and the poorest communities around the world. Lack of adequate hygene results in the permanent threat of infections, in loss of dignity and of the freedom to go to school or work.

Amy has travelled all over the world to meet with with manufacturers, suppliers, industry experts and potential partners to bring to life her vision of providing sanitary pads to some of the poorest communities in the world, to restore dignity where it has been lost.
In 2016, Loving Humanity opened its first sanitary pad micro-factory just south of the Syrian border in Zaatari Refugee camp in Jordan, employing 30 of the most vulnerable women in the camp and becoming the first UN protection programme for women in the world. In 2019 Loving Humanity’s first micro-factory opened in one of Nairobi’s largest slums. Over 1,000 school girls are receiving pads for free, resulting in less infections, a dramatic drop in school absenteeism and a restoration of their dignity.

Join us in hearing the amazing journey of an amazing woman.

How to bring positive change in a situation of conflict

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1 East 2.4

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