University of Bath

Introducing qualitative longitudinal research: The craft of researching lives through time

This course provides an introduction to Qualitative Longitudinal research methodology

15 Apr 20199.30am
15 Apr 20195.00pm

About the course

This one day course will establish the significance and value of dynamic approaches to social enquiry and show how time is not simply a vehicle for a study, the medium through which it is conducted, but is also a rich theoretical construct and topic of enquiry that drives the generation and analysis of data.

It will highlight the power of qualitative longitudinal research:

  • to discern the factors that shape the life course
  • to understand how and why changes and continuities occur
  • to understand the causes and consequences of change for particular individuals and groups (in particular social, temporal and spatial contexts)

The course is designed to:

  • give researchers an appreciation of the methodological issues involved in researching lives through time
  • equip them with the basic tools and techniques needed to design a qualitative longitudinal study
  • generate and analyse data

Course overview

  • Lecture one - 'Researching lives qualitatively through time'
  • Workshop one - 'Generating temporal insights'
  • Lecture two - 'Walking alongside: ethical balancing acts'
  • Lecture three - 'Journeys with data: data generation and analysis'
  • Workshop two - 'The analytical journey'
  • 'Surgery' session for delegates to consult Bren about their current or planned research