University of Bath

Introduction to mind mapping with MindGenius (November)

Learn about mind-mapping software package, MindGenius

12 Nov 201810.00am
12 Nov 201811.30am

About the workshop

This workshop will introduce you to MindGenius mind-mapping software. Mind maps are a way of visually recording information in a format that works in harmony with the way you think. They encourage creative thinking and help you remember important points. Applications of mind maps include records of meetings, lesson plans, designing strategies and presentations, study notes, project planning and management, task management, thesis preparation and research.

Learning outcomes

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • create a MindGenius map
  • add and edit branches
  • apply themes, backgrounds and map layouts
  • add notes, graphics and images to the map
  • use map templates
  • set up page options