University of Bath

Introduction to Unix and programming: Introduction to testing

Understand the intuitive approach taken in Python.

7 Mar 20181.15pm
7 Mar 20184.05pm

The aim of this course is to formalise skills and knowledge while providing a solid foundation for the development of research software. Attendees are encouraged to commit time between sessions to explore using the methods learned in their own research and feedback to the group at the next session.

This course is part of a series of training that is being developed for researchers at Bath and we welcome feedback either through the Doctoral College ( or to the Research Software Engineering Group (

This course will follow material based on Software Carpentry lessons.

Testing is essential to demonstrate that programs work as expected, when they are first created and as functionality is added or implementation changed. This session will introduce the intuitive approach taken in Python. By the end of the session attendees will learn that testing need not be a costly overhead but it is rather a methodology that helps to improve the quality and sustainability of software.