University of Bath

Making a start with social media

This workshop will enable you to get started with social media and introduce how you can use it to promote your research activity

26 Nov 201810.15am
26 Nov 20181.05pm

About the workshop

This session will provide attendees with a beginner’s guide to using social media for their work. During the session, attendees will learn what social media is, how to set up a profile on Twitter and LinkedIn and be given a walk-through on how to use these platforms.

Over the course of the workshop session, attendees will learn how to send updates, find users to follow and explore how to communicate with other people online. It will provide best-practice advice on how to create an effective profile, share photographs and use social media to promote research activity.

The session will give attendees an understanding of the fundamentals of using social media, introduce 'tips and tricks' to make the most of sites like Twitter and LinkedIn and how to avoid a range of common pitfalls.

Learning outcomes

As a result of attending this workshop, attendees will:

  • be able to open a social media account
  • have an understanding of what social media is and what platforms are the best to use
  • be able to confidently post messages onto LinkedIn and Twitter
  • understand what makes a ‘good’ social media profile
  • be aware of the risks and rewards of using social media
  • understand how to find and ‘talk’ to relevant users on LinkedIn and Twitter