University of Bath

Research data management: archiving and sharing (May)

Find out more about the data publication process including which data to retain or discard and submitting data to archive

16 May 201910.15am
16 May 201912.05pm

About the workshop

This session will help you through the data publication process, from selecting which data to retain or discard, through submitting the data to an archive, to making them public and linking them to publications. It will demonstrate how you can use the University's Research Data Archive to get a stable citation for your data that other researchers can use in their papers.

Learning outcomes

After the workshop you will be able to:

  • select which data to retain at the end of your project
  • register your data with the University
  • choose, and submit your data to, an appropriate archive
  • provide sufficient documentation to accompany your data
  • get a DOI for your data for use in your papers