University of Bath

Technology Roadmaps

Learn how Technology Roadmaps can be used as a tool to effectively deliver a research or product strategy in a competitive environment.

1 May 201910.00am
1 May 201912.00pm

About the workshop

Development of technology in a competitive environment has a number of conflicting requirements. Frequently, the logical most efficient schedule to deliver an overall strategy, from a technical or research point of view, does not match commercial or market need. Technology Roadmaps can be used to create a series of projects which deliver products or services in a compromised sequence and/or partitioning thus providing early revenue, however small, and thereby provide an on-going confidence in the overall strategy.

Starting with an overview of the theory of organisational strategy, examples of Technology Roadmaps created by well known companies will be presented and discussed followed by an explanation of the methodology and process used to develop them. This will be concluded by an exercise where, by use of a case study, the group will collectively create a basic Technology Roadmap.

Though not immediately applicable to support your current research, understanding this concept and tool will likely be useful during your career, and possibly even earlier in interviews with a potential employers.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of this workshop participants will:

  • be introduced to a generic approach to developing strategy in a competitive environment
  • understand the concept and purpose of Technology Roadmaps
  • be able to produce effective Technology Roadmaps