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University of Bath


Instructions, advice and guidance to help you get things done.

  • Childcare vouchers

    Information on our childcare voucher scheme, run in partnership with Fideliti.

  • Contribution pay scheme

    Find out about eligibility criteria and how to nominate a member of your team or yourself for a Contribution Pay Award.

  • Cycle to work scheme

    Our employees can take advantage of the government cycle to work salary sacrifice scheme, saving tax and national insurance on their to commute to and from work

  • Employee discounts

    A list of agreed special discounts for staff with a variety of businesses and retailers.

  • Interest-free loans

    The University offers eligible members of staff interest-free loans to assist with the cost of travelling to and from work and Home Office application costs

  • Job evaluation

    Follow the procedure to submit a new or existing role for evaluation and grading.

  • Job families

    Understand more about the job families across the University.

  • Job grading

    Find out about how the University grades jobs