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Advice for EU/EEA or Swiss students currently on a placement, Erasmus+ or exchange scheme

Information on how leaving the European Union will impact placements, Erasmus+ and exchange schemes for EU/EEA or Swiss students

Will I need a work permit?

You can find frequently updated information on working in the UK on the Student Immigration Service Pages.

What happens if I want to travel or go home?

You can find frequently updated travel advice on the Student Immigration Advice Pages.

How will Brexit affect my Erasmus+ or exchange scheme place?

You can find frequently updated information on how Brexit will impact on Eramus+ and/or exchange schemes on the Advice for current EU students regarding Brexit pages.

Will I still be covered by University insurance policies?

At the end of the transition period, most standard EHIC cards will no longer be valid and you may be required to pay for any medical treatment you receive at the point of treatment. Although the Student EHIC card will provide cover during 2021, this will only be the case if you were in-country prior to the end of the transition period.

The University’s insurance covers are not affected by Brexit. In the event that existing reciprocal healthcare agreements and the EHIC card become invalid, the medical expenses cover provided will operate as it does in the rest of the world – for most minor cases you would pay upfront for your consultation/prescription and claim it back. In the event of a serious situation, you would contact the Assistance company who would help to source treatment/arrange payment.

If you have arranged your own cover, you will need to ensure that your cover remains unaffected.

You can find more information on the University's insurance services pages.

What happens if I can't finish my placement?

For a variety of reasons, students occasionally cannot finish their placement and so the University has a policy in place for such circumstances - outlined in paragraph 10 of the Quality Assurance Code of Practice: Placement Learning.

If you have any questions about your academic circumstances, please contact your Director of Studies in the first instance who will be able to advise you further in the context of your specific degree programme.


If you have any questions, please contact us.