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Applying for a Santander postgraduate mobility award

If you are a doctoral student, find out how you can apply for an award to help with international mobility costs, and how we assess your application.

How to apply

The next round of applications is now open and the deadline is Monday 26th February 2024.

How we review your application

Your application will be ranked independently by a panel of senior academics from across the University.

The panel is supported by the Doctoral College which will provide information about your record of progress, funding and previous awards.

You will be informed of the panel's decision soon after it meets.

If you are successful, the panel may make an award for the full amount requested or a partial award. Priority will be given to students able to demonstrate that they have attempted to find matched funding from other sources.

After receiving an award

If you receive an award, you will need to submit a brief written report covering your international activity, with photos, within a month of your travel.

You may also be asked to participate in other activities to acknowledge the support provided by Santander Universities.

Santander International Mobility Award

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If you have any questions, please contact us.

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