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Applying for promotion from Lecturer (teaching) grade 7 to grade 8

Use this guide to help you understand the criteria and steps to take to apply for promotion to Lecturer grade 8 with a teaching specialism.

When to apply

Applications for promotion from Lecturer (teaching) 7 to Grade 8 can be made at any time of the year.

These cases will be considered by Academic Staff Committee (ASC).

How to apply

Candidates for promotion from Lecturer (teaching) Grade 7 to Grade 8 are expected to demonstrate:

  • evidence of sustained performance in Teaching

  • two or more of the criteria in Teaching/Management and Leadership

Read the detailed promotion criteria found within the Career Progression in the Education & Research Job Family framework document.

If you believe you meet the criteria, please complete the application form (Lecturer grade 7 to grade 8) and submit this and the supporting documentation to your Head of Department (Dean for School of Management).

What happens next

Your Head of Department (Dean for School of Management) will consult senior staff within the Department/School to assess the level of support for the applications.

If your Head of Department/Division supports your case, they will submit your completed application to Human Resources along with:

Considering your case

Your case will be considered by ASC who will decide either to:

  • confirm the promotion

  • decline the promotion

  • interview you before a decision is made

Your Head of Department (Dean for School of Management) will be notified of the outcome and they will let you know.

Promotion will take effect from the first day of the month following the ASC meeting. For more information on starting salaries for successful promotions, please refer to the University guidance.

If a case for promotion is not supported either by the Department or by ASC, your Head of Department/Division will arrange for a Personal Action Plan to be developed.

This web page provides a summary only and should be read in conjunction with the Career Progression in the Education and Research job family: principles and framework document.

Deadlines for completed applications

Find out more about the deadlines for submitting your completed application to HR and when it will be considered by ASC.

Useful resources

This guide, related pages and the CPER document should be your first point of reference to understand more about the process, procedures and criteria for promotion. However, you might also find it helpful to refer to our academic promotion: useful information page to help answer questions you may have on individual topics.


If you have any questions, please contact us.