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Bath University Press

The Bath University Press publishes selectively in the fields of academic, literature, and local studies. This page lists published BUP titles.

Bath University Press titles

The Bath University Press publishes selectively in the fields of academic, literature, and local studies.

The titles published by the Bath University Press are listed below and categorised in broad themes. You can browse the page below to see all titles or select the topics from the side of the screen to jump straight to the relevant section

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Engineers and Engineering R Angus Buchanan (Ed.) 1996, 226pp ISBN 0861971183

This is a collection of essays by members of the Rolt Fellowship which was set up to encourage interest in the history of technology.

The subjects range widely over engineering history, but there is much common ground in their effort to illuminate central engineering preoccupations, and here are a number of clear themes such as marine engineering and engineering biography.

Underwater Electracoustic Transducers Denis Stansfield 1991, 413pp ISBN 0861970829

Although underwater transducers are vital elements in any underwater acoustic system, they have received little attention in the scientific literature.  This book is aimed at filling the gap by describing the principles and practical aspects involved in their design. Out of print


Good Clinical Practice and Ethics in European Drug Research Peter N Bennett (Ed.) 1994, 159pp ISBN 0861971213

This publication arises from a Symposium organised by the ethical Review Committee in March 1993 at the European Parliament Building in Brussels.

Contributions from several countries and a variety of disciplines address issues related to the ethics of the clinical evaluation of drugs.

Ethical Responsibilities in European Drug Research Ed. P.N. Bennett, 1991

  FEMS Symposium: Homeostatic Mechanisms in Micro-organisms Ed. Whittenbury et al, 1988

FEMS Symposium Natural Antimicrobial Systems Part 2: AS in Milk Ed. G W Gould et al, 1986

FEMS Symposium Natural Antimicrobial Systems Part 1: AS in Plants and Animals Ed. G W Gould et al, 1986

Local History

Pauline P Forrest, 1992 ISBN: 0861971159

An Illustrated Chronicle M Gifford Brown, 1990

Memoirs of a Street Urchin L Stride, 1985 out of print

Bath - Walks within the walls Smithson, 1980 Out of print

History & History of Science

Gunpowder Brenda J Buchanan (Ed.) 1996, (Reprinted 2006), 403pp ISBN: 0861971345

The book is based upon papers contributed by many of the leading authorities in the field, attending the 22nd Symposium of The International Committee for the History of technology, (ICOHTEC) held at the University of Bath in 1994. This volume provides for the first time a comprehensive coverage of the subject at international level, revealing the problems faced in its manufacture and showing the world-wide significance of gunpowder, in terms of the transfer of ideas and techniques and transport of raw materials and finished goods.

A Pox on the Provinces! Guy and Rolls et al, 1991

Pounds or Pinfolds and Lockups: Beast and man in custody B.M. Willmott Dobbie, 1979 ISBN: 900843349   Early Horticultural Catalogues J Harvey, 1973

Early Horticultural Catalogues, supplement J Harvey, 1973

Industrial Archaeology & Architectural History

Bath: Museum or City? Ed. Hones, 1978 Out of print

The Industrial archaeology of Bath R A Buchanan, 1969 ISBN 900843047

Ethics and Politics

Bath and Belfast - Two Cities: One Nation?

(University of bath Twelfth Convocations/Students' Union Lecture) Chris Patten, 1985

Sociology of Scientific Knowledge Ed. H Collins, 1982

Science and religion: The Re-opening Dialogue Ed. G Walters, 1970 ISBN: 900843071

Language and Literature

The Dictionary Men: Their Lives and Times R.W. Holder August 2004

This fascinating books tells the lives of Samuel Johnson, Noah Webster, George Smith, James Murray and Joseph Wright, not simply as biography but by looking at their careers and friendships in the industrial, political, artistic and social environment of their times. Available for £30

Bath and the 18th Century Novel Mary K Hill 1989, 76pp 40 illus ISBN 086197072 1

Virtually every literary figure of the eighteenth century lived in or visited Bath, including such notables as Jane Austen, James Boswell, Fanny Burney, William Cowper, Daniel Defoe and Henry Fielding. This comprehensive study shows the enormous influence which the City of Bath had on the development of the novels of the eighteenth century.

The Linguistics Business Crofts, 1988 Out of print

Dictionary of American and British Euphemisms Holder, 1987 ISBN: 0861970696

Thinking about Management R.W. Holder ISBN: 0861971167

Die Bundesrepublik Deutschland Edwards, 1982 out of print

Local Interest: University of Bath

The University of Bath: The Formative Years Moore, 1982 Out of print

Some speeches of a chancellor Lord Hinton of Bankside, 1981

Campus Cookbook Ed. Lock, 1980, reprint 1987 Out of print

A technological university: An Experiment in Bath Ed. Walters, 1966

University of Bath Site History: a summary of records of the prehistory and history of Bathampton Down and the University site Patrick Crooke, 1965 (reprinted 1980) Out of print.

The proposed University of Bath: Development Plan Report No. 1 1965


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