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University of Bath

Carrying over annual leave

Carrying over annual leave - Action the carry over of annual leave from one leave year to the next on iTrent

Carrying over annual leave

You are entitled to carry over up to a maximum of 36.5 hours from one leave year to the next (pro-rated for part time staff). iTrent will automatically adjust the leave balance at the end of each leave year for any carry over up to 36.5 hours. Employees in Grades 1-5 may be paid up to a maximum of 29.2 hours leave if they are prevented from taking their full leave entitlement due to operational reasons e.g. low staffing. Any such payment is subject to authorisation from their line manager.

Exceptional circumstances

If you require additional leave to be carried over beyond the maximum carry over entitlement, please speak to your line manager. This will normally need to be authorised by your Head of Department. Once authorised, your line manager or Department Coordinator can adjust your leave entitlement within iTrent.  This adjustment should only be made after the commencement of the new leave year.