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University of Bath

Carrying over annual leave

Carrying over annual leave from one leave year to the next - and actioning that carry-over on iTrent

Carrying over annual leave

The University's normal policy is that the number of hours of annual leave staff could carry over to the next leave year is a maximum of 36.5 hours (5-days), pro-rated for part time staff.

In recognition of the difficulty that some staff are experiencing in trying to take their full leave allowance, for this year only (i.e. for the 2019/20 into 2020/21 leave year) the University has exceptionally agreed that staff may carry over up to a maximum of 73 hours (10 days) into the next year of holiday entitlement, pro-rated for part time staff.

This temporary policy change is aimed at staff who have been unable to take leave due to the pressure of work. Staff on furlough (or staff who have been on furlough for an extended period) are not in this position and are required to take their leave during furlough as outlined in their furlough letter. Staff on furlough are not to build up excess leave to carry over and we would not expect this change in policy to apply to them.

iTrent will normally automatically adjust the leave balance at the end of each leave year for any carry over up to the maximum allowed.