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Covid-19 Check In Survey feedback

Find out about the changes made to your educational and wider student experience in response to student feedback and the three Covid-19 Check In Surveys.

Changes made in response to student feedback

This year due to the Covid-19 pandemic the University asks all students to complete three additional short Covid-19 Check In surveys, two in Semester One and one in Semester Two, about their educational and wider student experience. This is part of our student engagement activities to encourage students to be active partners in their education.

The Check In Surveys enable students to give anonymous feedback about the curriculum, teaching and assessment, as well as their wider student experience. The University uses this data to continually improve the student experience.

You can find out about changes made to your educational experience in your department, and to the wider students experience, in response to the Semester One Week Four and Week Eight, and Semester Two Week Four Check In Surveys by clicking the links below.

Academic Departments

Faculty of Engineering & Design

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Faculty of Science

School of Management

Wider Student Experience

Professional Services


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