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Creative Edge podcast

Celebrating the importance of the arts through the voices of students, academics and local creatives.

Creative Edge

This podcast series provides a platform for University of Bath students and academics to discover, listen and take part in conversations that highlight the benefit of having a ‘creative edge’.

Creative Edge, hosted by communicator and curator Nicole Mawby, explores similarities and disparities in the meeting of arts and research. We've invited guests who demonstrate connections between arts and academic interests; researchers who believe creativity is a tool to share their work, artists who collaborate with scientists, and those who engage with arts and 'research with creativity’ as a spectator or participant.

I definitely think there's a symbiotic relationship between the disciplines. Science can obviously give artists a subject and platform of expression. And in turn, I feel art revives the curiosity about the research from a kind of outsider's perspective.
Priya Odedra, artist and winner of Visions of Science 2020

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