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University of Bath

Cycle to work scheme

University of Bath staff can take advantage of a tax-free scheme to get bicycles, safety accessories and component bike parts for traveling to and from work.

Bikes and equipment

Through a hire agreement, you can choose bike, component bike parts and safety accessories up to the value of £1,000.

Our agreement with Cyclescheme Ltd gives you access to a network of local bike retailers (like Avon Valley Cyclery and Take Charge Bikes), through to national and online retailers like Evans Cycles, Wiggle and Rapha.

You are also able to use the scheme to obtain safety accessories only, or bike components only, so if you already have a bike and need a new jacket, wheels or pedals, you can do so.

In June updated guidance for salary sacrifice cycle to work schemes was released. The aim of this was to lift the existing £1,000 limit on the scheme.

Cyclescheme are currently working to clarify how this change can be implemented in line with the new legislation.

We have received a number of queries about these changes and therefore please find a more detailed update from Cyclescheme at their website.

How payments are made

Via the hire agreement you sign, you agree to a monthly deduction to your gross salary, meaning that you'll benefit from reductions in income tax and national insurance.

The monthly amount is dependent on the value of the bike and accessories you choose.

The hire agreement runs for 12 months.

Get a bike and equipment

1) In the first instance, check what savings you could make on the scheme using the savings calculator on the Cyclescheme website.

2) Visit a bike shop that is part of the Cyclescheme network.

3) Choose a bike and any safety accessories you need, up to £1,000 and request a Cyclescheme quotation. If you are asked at any time for an employer code for the University of Bath it is A12ED.

4) Once you have your quotation you can set up your request on Cyclescheme's website using this link: Select the "Start Application" button to begin your application.

5) Complete the online form, then read and sign the on-line hire agreement.

6) Take the certificate to the bike shop and exchange it for the goods. It takes around 14 days to process and receive the certificate from Cyclescheme.

Employee responsibilities

It is important that you:

  • confirm that the bike will be your main mode of travel to and from work

  • maintain the bike and equipment in a reasonable and safe condition

  • insure the bike against theft*. The University of Bath accepts no responsibility if the bike is lost or stolen. Payments will still be required until the end of the agreement.

*Cyclescheme recommend Cycle Guard, who will offer participants of the scheme a 15% discount.