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EDI in health and social care research: general resources

Here you will find links to useful toolkits, guidance, articles, and training to support embedding EDI in your health and social care research.


NIHR RDS Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit

NIHR RDS Community Engagement Toolkit

South Asian Dementia Pathway Toolkit (ADAPT): an online toolkit of enhanced interventions

The Centre for Ethnic Health Research: Equality Impact Assessment

AMRC Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Resource Hub

Toolkit for increasing the participation of BAME communities in health and social care research

NIHR Research in Community Settings Toolkit To access the Toolkit you will need to create an account. When accessing the platform for the first time you are asked to confirm that you are working with the NIHR (or involved in studies supported/funded by NIHR).


INVOLVE: A Practical Guide to Being Inclusive in Public Involvement in Health Research - lessons from the Reaching Out programme


Randomised trials and how to recruit and retain individuals from ethnic minority groups – practical guidance to support better practice

NIHR Guidance on co-producing a research project

NIHR Co-production in action

NHS England Guidance - Increasing diversity in research participation: A good practice guide for engaging with underrepresented groups

Articles, blogs and videos


What would it take to meaningfully attend to ethnicity and race in health research? Learning from a trial intervention development study

Tackling racism in UK health research

Evaluating a tool to improve engagement and recruitment of under-served groups in trials


Demand Diversity: Exploring attitudes towards clinical research among people from different ethnic groups in the UK


Diversity in Research Participation: why it's important

Voices for Change Toxic Corridors video poem. The powerful poem, entitled ‘Toxic Corridors’, was written and performed by author and gospel literary evangelist Kwabena Kimathi. It features NIHR public contributors André Tulloch and Danté Grant and explores the racial inequalities that exist in healthcare, and the interweaving issues of health, healing and spirituality. Find out more from the NIHR.

RDS East Midlands: Why EDI?

RDS East Midlands: Cultural competence and inclusivity


RDS Blog: Cultural competence and inclusivity in research

NIHR Blog by Professor Mala Rao OBE: Race equity in health research - Good for the public and the workforce

NHS England Blog by Dr Natalie Darko: Not ‘hard to reach’ – increasing diversity in research participation

Frameworks and strategies

NIHR Race Equality Framework

INCLUDE: Ethnicity Framework

INCLUDE: Socioeconomic Disadvantage Framework

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy: BSW Integrated Care Board (ICB)


The Centre for Ethnic Health Research training opportunities:

Effective community engagement

Increasing diversity of populations in health and social care research

Cultural competence

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