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External ED&I partnerships

University works together with local charities, B&NES Council, corporate and other partners to strengthen our commitment to EDI within the wider community.

Our partners

In order to make the most impact, we work collaboratively with partners across the BANES and Wiltshire landscape and within HEI’s, ED&I, funders and regulatory bodies.

These partnerships help us to ensure we deliver our diversity and inclusion goals and targets and promote belonging for our staff and students. We work in partnership with organisations beyond the HEI sector to provide new insight to help break down barriers, share best practice and help make our offering as accessible as possible to all.

Our previous collaborators include:

  • BANES Council
  • Wiltshire Council
  • Avon and Somerset Police
  • Royal United Hospital
  • SARI
  • The Diversity Trust
  • Microsoft
  • Genpact (India)
  • PriceWaterHouse Cooper
  • Numerous Universities ED&I Teams
  • Advance HE
  • Halpin

Our collaborative work

Examples of our collaborative work include:

  • Black History Month events
  • Pride and LGBT+ initiatives
  • ED&I Strategy Panel Sessions
  • Race Relation Group members
  • LGBT+ Network members
  • Providing talks and presentations
  • Providing ED&I training for BANES Charities in conjunction with the Civic Partnership team.

When choosing partners, we find values alignment and build an open partnership where feedback is given honestly. Every partner that we’ve chosen to work with shares our commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace and community and will benefit our staff and students experience. They are also willing to collaborate and create a space where constructive feedback can be given and received. Particularly in the ED&I world, being real and self-reflecting is where the work starts.

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