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Gene synthesis and cloning

The Biotech Suite does not currently offer gene synthesis or cloning, but we are able to provide advice and support in this area.

The Biotech Suite currently expresses proteins using an E. coli expression system. It is therefore vital that gene sequences and plasmids are compatible with E. coli expression. Please contact us if you have any questions.


The Suite also includes a PCR machine, which is bookable and available to users. If you already have a gene template and want to produce a truncated version, change the plasmid, or make a mutation, this could be carried out on this PCR instrument. Please note that all reagents and enzymes will need to be provided by the user.

Requirements for gene sequences and plasmids

For protein production in E. coli it is vital that any gene synthesis includes codon optimisation for E. coli. To aid protein purification please also include a His-tag for the standard purification run. The tag used can be cleavable (via a unique protease site) if it needs to be removed for the final protein product, and we have TEV protease available for use. If you intend to use different tags please discuss this with our team in advance.

The PCR machine can be booked by emailing the Biotech Suite.

Email the Biotech suite

Further information

For advice regarding gene synthesis, plasmid selection and cloning, please contact Dr Julia Mackay for more details.