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Historical maps of the City of Bath and surrounding area

Links to digital copies of historical maps of Bath and the surrounding area. A University login is required to view the maps.

17-20th Century Maps of the City of Bath

All digital images Copyright Alex Hansen 2013 unless stated otherwise. Reproduced with permission 2013. These images have been authorised for use by members of the University for non-commercial purposes with appropriate attribution.

The year the map was produced or published is shown below. The links on this page will take you to a PDF copy of the map itself. A University login (held by currently registered students and staff) is required to view the maps.

17th Century Maps

Emanuel Bowen (1694? - 1767) was a London map seller and printer. This map probably came from the 1752 "Atlas Minimus" pocket map.

  • 1755 A New and Correct Plan of the City of Bath and Places adjacent

  • 1759 map of Bath

  •  (No date) Ralph Allen's Estate - Copyright Mike Chapman 2016. For non-commercial use. 

  • (No date) Ralph Allen's Estate - This map is possibly the second edition of the Ordinance Survey maps (with Roman detail additions). The map is currently in 37 Great Pulteney St. This building was the administration centre of the Bathwick Estate. This map was probably produced (a pink overlay colour) at the time the Estate was being broken up and sold off. David Richards, a partner at Pearson May Accountants, has agreed copyright use for non-commercial use.  

    19th Century Maps

  • 1803 Phillips map - Bath & Bristol - from A Guide to All the Watering Places and Sea Bathing Places, printed for Richard Phillips, London.

  • 1890 Black's Handy Atlas - Bath & Bristol - original publisher: John Bartholomew & Son Ltd.

20th Century Maps


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