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Inspera - the essentials

Guidance on how to access Inspera and quick links to our help videos and written guides.

How to access Inspera

Inspera is our online exams platform which you can access at You'll need your University of Bath username and password (Single Sign-On details). Please also make a note of your candidate number, in case you need to contact the helpline during the exam period. You can find your candidate number via SAMIS under 'Student Tasks'.

What you'll see when you log in

You'll see three tabs:

  • My Tests - this is where each of your exams will be listed, closer to the time they are due to take place
  • Archive - in the future, this is where you'll see a list of the exams you've taken
  • Demo tests -this is where you'll get a chance to practice, and attempt each question type, including question types that may be new to you this Semester, before the real exam

Don’t worry if you can’t see all of your exams listed on your Inspera dashboard straight away. Exams for each unit will begin to appear gradually, and you should see your exam listed 72 hours prior to it starting.

How-to Inspera guides available online

Video guides

Our video guides can help you prepare well for your exam on Inspera, and guide you on:

  • Checking your requirements before an exam - helps you identify the equipment and software you'll need, along with any browser requirements

  • How to access demo tests - shows you how to take a demo test, so you can get a feel for how you'll do your exam

  • How to start an exam, upload a document and submit an exam

  • What to do if you experience issues during your exam - helps prepare you for technical difficulties you might experience. you should also read our guide to your exams for details of the helplines that will be available during the exam period

  • How to come back to an exam within the exam period

  • How to change your settings in Inspera

Written guides

  • Our page Prepare your documents for submission in Inspera contains written guides showing you how to:

    • create a PDF for your assignment submission
    • use your mobile as a scanner and make a PDF
    • combine image files into one PDF
    • compress an image
    • register for the scanning and uploading demo test
  • Read our Top Tips on completing your exam in Inspera.

Self-access Xerte module

How to use Inspera for exams and assessment. This short self-access Xerte module has collated university guidance on how to use Inspera for completing exams. You can follow each section in order or use it as a quick go-to guide for individual sections to ensure you are fully prepared for any exam.

Further information and guidance for your exams


If you have any questions, please contact us.