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Internal Audit

We deliver audits and reviews across the University. We are organisationally independent of all of the University’s operational activities.


We deliver scheduled audits and ad-hoc reviews across a range of the University’s activities. This includes audits of financial systems and controls. We also spend a significant proportion of our time looking at other non-financial areas.

We are organisationally independent of all of the University’s operational activities. This lets us make impartial and effective professional judgements and recommendations.

Each audit demands a tailored approach and we draw upon financial, risk-based, systems-based, value for money, compliance-based and computer audit methodologies as appropriate. Occasionally we are involved in investigations of fraud or irregularity.

Audits provide independent assurance that risk management, governance and internal control processes are adequate and operating effectively. The scope of internal auditing within the University is very broad and extends beyond financial risk.

We combine assurance with consulting by helping managers and governors evaluate how well systems and processes are working and advising on improvements where necessary.

For more about what an internal audit is and its value to an organisation, visit the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors website.

Independent advice

We encourage departments to approach us for independent advice and guidance on systems implementation, control and related matters. We find it is usually better to address such matters as systems are developed and before problems arise. We are happy to act as a critical friend subject, of course, to our need to maintain objectivity.

Measuring performance

We follow professional standards when conducting our work.

We regularly monitor and evaluate our working practices to ensure that work is carried out in accordance with Global IIA Code of Ethics and International Standards. Audit & Risk Assurance Committee formally reviews the quality of the service delivered by Internal Audit.

The audit process

Read our detailed guide on what to expect before, during and after an audit.

Terms of reference

You can read or download our terms of reference to find out more about the formal structure of our work.

Contact us

Find details of who we are and how to contact us.