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Library Safety Procedures

A summary of the Safety procedures to follow in the event of evacuation or invacuation of the Library building and other safety information

Evacuation Procedures

ou will find Fire Orders posted within the Library and Learning Centre describing what you should do if you discover a fire or hear the alarm.

With them are plans which show the position of the assembly point 14: north of the Library building.

For your own safety and security, please make sure that you are familiar with these arrangements.

If an alarm sounds, we will make an announcement over the public address system asking you to leave the building. Please follow these action points:-

  • stop what you are doing immediately.
  • leave the building quickly and calmly by the nearest emergency exit. There are staircases at the east and west sides of the Library & Learning Centre and at the back of the building.
  • it is important to move well away from the building and the Parade.
  • do not re-enter the building until the all-clear has been given.

Invacuation Procedures

For further information about invacuation.

If the invacuation alarm sounds please:

  • Close any windows you are immediately next to.
  • Stay inside the building and move away from the windows, into the central area of the Library.
  • Listen for tannoy announcements, and if you are near an available PC, you can login to see the University’s emergency messages.
  • Do not leave the building until the all clear has been sounded or announced.

Advice for Users with disabilities

If you feel that you would be likely to have difficulty using the stairs in a fire or other emergency, please make yourself known to the Security Officer at the entrance to the Library. They will keep a record of your presence in the building. Please let them know when you leave.

The fire alarm is a loud, continuous siren accompanied by wall mounted flashing red lights.

When you hear the alarm please stop what you are doing immediately. If you are in a workroom area, leave quickly, closing but not locking the door.

You should not try to use the lifts. During an emergency they are programmed to go to Level 2 and remain there with the doors open.

When you are in the building, find the nearest emergency exit. Unless you are on Levels 1 or 2 this will be the nearest staircase. If you have difficulty using stairs then go to the north staircase (at the back of the building furthest from the Parade) where there is a designated "refuge area" on each of the stairwell landings.

The evacuation procedure for users with difficulties in using the stairs is as follows for each Level of the Library:

Levels 3, 4 and 5  -  Go to the ‘refuge area’ on the north staircase landings (at the back of the building) where you will be protected by fire doors until Fire or Security Officers reach you. 

Level 2  - Use the nearest emergency exit. 

Level 1 - If you are working in or near the main Level 1 Study area or PC room, there are Fire Exits leading out of the area via double doors, opposite the staff lift, a single door at the foot of the stairs leading to Level 1 and double doors leading out of the main study area into the building next door. Open these doors by breaking the glass in the green ‘emergency door release’ box: this over-rides the lock. Then leave through the unlocked exit door into the adjacent building or Library loading bay area.

First Aid in the Library

If there is an accident or incident in the Library, please report to a member of the Library Staff or the Security Staff on Level 2; otherwise you can call 666 from any University telephone and report to Security.

All the Security Staff and some members of Library Staff are qualified first aiders.

If you have an accident, please fill out an Accident Report Form. They are kept at the Security Desk on Level 2. 


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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