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Library vacation loans

Advice for library members about book loans, renewal and due dates during University vacations and bank holidays.

Summer 2019

In line with past years, the Library will attempt to automatically extend user loans on library stock from the subject floors so that books can be borrowed during the Summer vacation period without being due for return when many students will be away from campus.

The library will attempt to automatically renew current loans from Friday 24 May with a new renewal or due date of Wednesday 2 October - in the first week of the new academic year 2019-20.

This advice relates only to standard 7-day loans from the main Library subject floors which are automatically renewed by the Library. Books will be renewed/issued to the 2 October or your library card expiry date if it comes before 2 October.

  • If a book has been recalled because another borrower has reserved it BEFORE Friday 24 May, it will still be due for return in the days leading up to 24 May before the vacation starts. Requested items cannot be renewed if there is an outstanding request.

  • If a book is recalled because someone else requests if on or AFTER Friday 24 May, then the earliest date it will be due for return will be Wednesday 2 October – we don’t expect the item to be returned during the vacation. Advisory emails will show 2 October as the due date.

  • If no-one requests any of the books a borrower has on loan, the books will be renewed automatically every 7-days (as normal) from Wednesday 2 October.

Short Loan Collection

items borrowed during the Summer vacation will still be issued for 24 hours and be due back on the next working day, Monday to Friday. Due dates will take into account bank holidays as normal.

Inter-Library Loans

These items are not automatically renewed and should be returned by the date shown in the book.


You should contact the Issue Desk if you have any queries about your loans in the days before the vacation or during the Summer vacation period.

Is the Library open during the holidays?

The Library building and self-service facilities are open 24 hours as usual throughout the vacation period. Staffed service hours are shown here.

About vacation loans

The library allows loan items to be borrowed during vacation periods when many students leave campus at Easter, Summer and Christmas. Loan periods are also adjusted for bank holiday weekends and other University closed days.

The aim is that no books are due for return or renewal during a vacation or unstaffed periods on University closed days.

The Library automatic renewals system is adjusted around 7 days before the start of a vacation period. This allows loans that can be renewed to extend to a date after the upcoming vacation.

If a book already has a request on it before we automatically renew all the loans this way, it will still be due for return before the vacation begins.

Items borrowed during vacation periods will also have their loan renewal or due date extended to cover the entire vacation period.

This advice relates only to items from the main Library subject floors. There is specific advice below relating to Short Loan and Inter-Library Loan items.

Short Loan, Inter-Library Loans and DVDs

Short Loan materials are kept at the Library Issue Desk and are normally only available for a 24 hour loan period. The standard loan period will remain the same during vacations. The loans on these items will be manually extended by Issue Desk staff from the last working day before a closed period until the end of that closed period.

Inter-Library Loans are normally issued for 5 weeks at a time with reference to the Library they come from. These due dates are not extended automatically by library systems but are set by Inter-Library Loans staff who take vacation periods into account. Please refer to Inter-Library Loans colleagues for advice if you need to extend your Inter-Library loan.

Language Learning Zone DVDs, located on Level 2 of the Library, are loanable for 7 days at a time and are also automatically renewed. The due date for these materials will take into account periods when there are no staffed services.