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University of Bath

New Windows 10 feature updates are coming

New Windows 10 feature updates will soon be available to download and install on University PCs.

Installing the updates

When prompted by your PC, you will need to complete the installation as soon as it is conveniently possible, to avoid the update happening automatically.

What this means for you:

This update will take approximately two hours to install and so we recommend that you set the update to begin at the end of your working day. You can lock your computer, leave for the evening and the update will go ahead. You will be prompted to install the update via a notification or you can find it in the Windows Software Center.

Notification to install the update

If you choose to have your PC install its updates out of hours, please close and save any important documents and apps before you go home but leave your PC on so it can perform the update. Unfortunately, if the PC is turned off it won’t be able to do the update for you outside of business hours.

Help & support

If you have any issues installing this update, you can raise an IT help ticket and the team will advise.