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Requesting flexible working

Understand how to make a flexible working request.

Making a flexible working request

Requests for any type of flexible working − including flexible retirement and reduced hours − should be made in writing. To do this, you'll need to fill out a flexible working application form and send it to your line manager, copying in your Human Resources Advisor or Business Partner.

For academic staff, requests should be submitted to your Head of Department or Head of School, (or to the Dean in the case of no Head of Department). There is no automatic right that any request will be granted, but all requests will be considered carefully taking into consideration operational requirements. With the exception of flexible retirement, only one flexible working application can be made within a period of 12 months.

Completing a flexible working application form

You must complete the application form and specify the following details:

  • confirm this a request to change the terms and conditions of your employment − for example, a change to your hours of work, the times you're required to work or working from home

  • the reason for the request

  • the change you have applied for and the proposed date on which the change should become effective (this may take from 12 to 14 weeks)

  • what effect, if any, you think making the change will have on your team, service or department and how any such effect might be dealt with so your request could be managed without a reduction to the service provided

  • whether you have made an application before and if so, the date on which it was made

  • the date of the application and your signature

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