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SAMBa students starting in 2016

PhD students who started at the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Statistical Applied Mathematics (SAMBa) in 2016.

Picture of Cohort 3 SAMBa students
Students starting in 2016

Cohort 3

John Fernley

John graduated from the University of Oxford in 2016 with an MMath in Mathematics, specialising in Probability and Combinatorics. He undertook summer projects at Oxford and at York, and continues to be interested in the scaling limits of Integrable Systems. Otherwise, John enjoys listening to music and playing chess badly.

Uziel Gonzalez

Part funded by CONACyT Uziel was born and raised in Xalapa, Mexico, the coffee-growing region of the country. He then moved to Mexico City where he completed his Bachelor's and Master's of Science in Mathematics, with a focus on Computational Statistics, at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). After a few years working in financial consulting, he decided to move to the UK to further his work in spatial statistics. In his spare time, he enjoys photography, and listening to blues music. He especially enjoys scuba diving in the Caribbean but is keen to try any other aquatic activity.

Elizabeth Gray

Elizabeth is from St Albans, and prior to her arrival in Bath, studied Maths at Durham University, graduating in 2016. While there, her fourth year project was about constructing league tables using generalised linear mixed models. When not doing maths, Elizabeth enjoys singing and playing guitar.

Nadeen Khaleel

Nadeen graduated from the University of Bath in 2016 with an MMath degree and is particularly interested in statistics. She completed a summer project on the development of multi-level regression for automation of multi-block mesh generation. As well as mathematics, Nadeen enjoys reading, playing sports and watching films.

Matthias Klar

Matthias graduated with a degree in Mathematics from the University of Bonn in summer 2016. In his Master’s thesis “Differential Inclusions in Nonlinear Elasticity with BV Regularization” he discovered and analysed solutions that describe the behaviour of shape-memory alloys in a specific model. Matthias is particularly keen about the SAMBa programme, because it allows him to learn more about the application of stochastics and statistics in real world problems while still leaving the door open for a purely mathematical dissertation. In his spare time, Matthias likes to stay physically fit by going running, cycling or playing badminton, and mentally by constantly improving his mandarin skills.

Cohort 3 - Continued

Amélie Klein

Amélie completed an MSc in applied mathematics and statistics from the university of Lyon 1, France. During her final internship she worked on the automatic classification of tread wear pattern using random forest. She is particularly interested in statistical genetics and mathematical biology. Outside of mathematics, she likes playing basket- ball and watching weird films.

Matt Lee

Matt graduated from the Queen's University of Belfast in 2016 with an MSci in Applied Mathematics and Physics. In his thesis, Matt modelled the behaviour of positrons in low energy collisions with noble gas atoms and their subsequent cooling, positronium formation, and annihilation under a Maxwellian distribution using a system of ODEs. Outside of mathematics, Matt loves to read and debate theology, play cricket, drink tea, eat hot curries, and follow Formula 1.

Daniel Ng

Daniel graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2016 with an MMath degree. He took a range of pure courses in his undergraduate but settled on analysis and probability in his final year. His Part III essay was "Random Walk on Lamplighter Groups", based on Lyons and Peres' book "Probability on Trees and Networks". Daniel enjoys teaching himself foreign languages such as Russian and Japanese, playing the piano, training in the gym, visiting forests and lakes, meeting new friends and learning new sports.

Thomas Pennington

Tom graduated from Durham University in 2015 with a BSc in Mathematics. His interests in computational and applied maths led him to the Modern Applications of Mathematics MSc offered by Bath, which included a placement writing numerical software in the oil industry. While between universities, he undertook a summer research placement at York focused on Mathematical Biology. During the next four years of SAMBa, he hopes to expand his understanding of applied maths and maybe even learn some stats along the way. Outside of maths he enjoys listening to music, cycling and hiking.

Lizzi Pitt

Lizzi graduated from the University of Bath in 2016 with a BSc in Mathematics and Statistics which included a placement year working as a statistician within a research unit of a global pharmaceutical company. This developed her interest in statistics, particularly applied to medical and pharmaceutical problems, and led to further work experience in the field. Lizzi also enjoys dancing, running, yoga, learning languages and visiting family and friends.

Malena Sabate Landman

Malena graduated with a double degree in Physics and Mathematics from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and spent her last year on an ERASMUS exchange at Durham University. She completed her final project on the statistical analysis of quantum measurement-induced stochastic dynamics using FDA. As she had a growing interest in Statistics, she chose to continue her research in the SAMBa program. Outside of mathematics, Malena loves doing sports and writing. She also enjoys traveling and having friends over for dinner.

Tsogzolmaa Saizmaa

Sponsored by the Schlumberger Foundation Tsogzolmaa Saizmaa completed her BSc and MSc degree in mathematics at National University of Mongolia. She wrote her thesis in the area of stochastic differential equations and their numerical approximations. During her studies, she developed especially interest in probability theory and its applications. Since her graduation, she has been teaching lectures in probability in National University of Mongolia before joining in SAMBa. Apart from mathematics, she spent 5 years doing research in Human Computer Interaction field and received a PhD in computer science from Inje University. In her spare time, she enjoys playing with her son (2 years old), talking any issues (including mathematical) with her husband, solving puzzles, watching films, listening to music, and singing.

Cameron Smith

Cameron graduated with an MMath from the University of Bath in 2016 and has a particular interest in mathematical biology. His final year project investigated hybrid methods for simulating diffusion on a uniformly growing domain. Outside of his mathematical bubble, he enjoys running, playing football (badly!) and reading.

SAMBa 2016 Aligned Students

Aligned students work on PhD projects generated by SAMBa, or work in close collaboration with the cohort. They are often co-funded by our partners.

Román Aguirre-Perez

Roman graduated with a degree in Mathematics from the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEMex) and an MSc in Mathematics from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). During his studies and a couple of years working as Data Analyst, he developed an interest in Applied Statistics particularly in the fields of Computational Statistics and Spatial Statistics. In his spare time, Roman loves playing football, running and swimming. He also enjoys learning to cook and listening to trova (folk?).

Matthew Griffith

Sponsored by the NERC-funded GW4+ DTP and working with the Met Office studying vertical coupling in an extended unified model'. (supervisors: Chris Budd, Nick Mitchell and John Thuburn.

Matthew graduated from the University of Bath in 2016 with an MMath in Mathematics with Study Year Abroad. His final year project was titled “Planetary Motion in Einstein's Theory of General Relativity”, which involved comparing planetary orbits in a Newtonian and Einsteinian setting, and modelling these orbits. His interests continue to lie in the field of numerical modelling, now being applied to weather prediction and climate. Outside of mathematics, Matthew is a keen skier/snowboarder and enjoys playing squash and duplicate bridge.

Emma Horton

Working with Amec Foster Wheeler on Monte Carlo methods for the neutron transport equation via branching processes (supervisor: Andreas Kyprianou.

Emma graduated from the University of Bath in 2016 with an MMath in Mathematics. She has undertaken several undergraduate and summer projects in probability, covering topics such as Lévy processes, condensation and branching processes. Her final year project involved looking at various representations of multi-type branching processes. In her spare time, Emma enjoys playing hockey and squash, and generally loves being outdoors.

Hayley Wragg

Working with BT on propagation of signals from indoor small cells and optimization of cell positions (supervisors: Chris Budd and Robert Watson).

Hayley graduated in with an MMath from the University of Sussex in 2016. Her undergraduate dissertation was on "Evolving surface finite element analysis of a semi-linear parabolic equation". Outside of mathematics Hayley enjoys rugby, adventures and watching Disney films.