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Sequence and protein analysis tools

A selection of useful tools to aid with sequence and protein analysis.

There are numerous useful tools available on the web covering genomics, proteomics and structural biology. Here we have highlighted a few, which provide useful information for protein production and analysis.

Useful links


ExPASy is a portal that gives access to many databases and software tools covering genomics, proteomics, and structural biology. It is an excellent resource for sequence and structural analysis of proteins:

DNA translator

DNA translator is a tool for translating nucleotide sequences into protein sequences.


Blast compares either nucleotide or protein sequences to a nucleotide or protein database, respectively. This identifies matching or similar sequences to the to the query sequence and can identify sequences with homology:

Protein-protein alignment tool

Protein sequences can be entered into this tool and a protein-protein alignment generated. This is an excellent way of comparing homology between sequences.


This is a tool for computing parameters from the protein sequence. This includes molecular weight, theoretical pI, amino acid composition, atomic composition, extinction coefficient, estimated half-life, instability index, aliphatic index and grand average of hydropathicity.

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