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Starters and Leavers

To find out information about my leave entitlement if I start or leave part way through the year


If you start part-way through the annual leave year, you will receive a pro-rata entitlement from your start date up to the end of the current annual leave year.

If you are part-time this calculation will include a pro-rated amount of public holidays and discretionary days.

Annual leave entitlements in iTrent reflect the entitlement for the full year: so if you are on a fixed-term contract that is due to expire within the same leave year, this should be pro-rated manually.


If you leave the University outstanding annual leave (pro-rata to the leaving date) should normally be taken before the termination date. However, where this is not possible, payment may be made in lieu of leave accrued but not taken.

Please note - All staff are required to use iTrent ESS when booking annual leave. If iTrent has not been used then we will assume that there is no payment to be made upon leaving and that any annual leave accrued but unused will be taken during the notice period. If a request for an annual leave payment is made upon leaving and iTrent has not been used, then it will need to be appropriately evidenced by the line manager.

If you leave having taken more than the accrued leave entitlement for the current leave year, we will make a deduction in respect of the excess leave taken from your final payment.

Annual leave entitlements in iTrent reflect the entitlement for the full year: this entitlement will only be reduced proportionately when a leaving date has been input into the system.


If you have any questions, please contact us.