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Staying in quarantine in student accommodation

What you must do while you're living in quarantine in our accommodation on campus.

Living in quarantine

When staying in quarantine, you must do all you can to reduce the risk of other students contracting the virus, in case you start to develop symptoms.

If you do not follow regulations, this could result in disciplinary action being taken.

It is extremely important that you do not leave your accommodation unless you are given permission.

As there will be other students in your accommodation also in quarantine, you will need to isolate from them and follow hygiene recommendations at all times.

If you develop any COVID-19 symptoms you must follow the procedure that is displayed in your bedroom. You will need to take a COVID-19 test and we will support you whilst you wait for the results.


You will receive three meals each day, delivered to your accommodation. These are prepared and transported in line with all COVID-19 regulations.

Food deliveries will be left in your rooms, kitchens or outside the door of your household. You will be given a time for when these deliveries will happen.

Using the kitchen

The kitchen is only for washing up and collecting food from the fridge. All food that does not need refrigerating must be kept in your bedroom. You must clean up after yourself.

If you can't use the kitchen to cook, a kettle and microwave will be provided in your bedroom. You can use these to prepare the food that is delivered to you.

Testing during your quarantine period

You must take a COVID-19 test on day two and eight of your quarantine period.

We provide you with these tests free of charge.

If you are staying in University quarantine accommodation you will be issued with your tests when you arrive at the University.

Once completed you must return your tests to the drop off point located at the West Accommodation Centre.

Day five test to release

If you are staying in University quarantine accommodation you have the option of a day five test to release.

This means that if your test is negative on day five, you will be released from your period of quarantine and can move into temporary accommodation. Day five test results must be reported to [].(

If you are a new student, this is free of charge until you will move into your allocated room.

After your quarantine period

We will contact you towards the end of your quarantine period about moving into your usual University accommodation.

If you are living on campus, you will need to move everything from your quarantine accommodation to your new accommodation.

If you are living in city accommodation, we can arrange to transport your belongings to your new accommodation.

If you are due to end your quarantine or arrive at Bath before your term time accommodation contract begins, we have temporary accommodation available for you to stay in until it begins. This is free of charge.

More help

Email us if you need any help.

Out of office hours, you can contact Security on +44(0)1225 385349.


If you have any questions, please contact us.