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Submitting a formal request for time to train

How to make a formal request for time off work to train.

You should only submit a formal request under this procedure if needed. Most staff are able to negotiate time to complete training without using the formal procedure.

Read the full procedure for requesting time to train.

How to apply

Requests must be made in writing (email or hardcopy) to your Head of Department, copied to your line manager (if different) and the Department of Human Resources.

Applications must contain all of the following information:

  • a statement that the application is an 'application under section 63D Employment Rights Act 1996'
  • the subject matter of the proposed training or study
  • where and when the proposed training or study would take place
  • who would provide or supervise it
  • what qualification it would lead to (if any)
  • how you think the proposed training or study would improve your effectiveness in your job and the performance of the University
  • the date of the application
  • the date and method − such as email or letter − that your last application (if any) was submitted

You can submit a request in any written form you choose as long as it contains this information or you may find it helpful to use the template.

Considering your request

Within 28 days of receiving your request, your Head of Department or their nominated representative will either:

  • accept your request
  • inform you that the request is valid but that they need further information to make a reasonable decision
  • meet with you to discuss your request
  • inform you that they do not consider the request to be valid because it does not contain all the required information

Read more about how requests are considered.

Appealing a decision

You may challenge the University’s decision on any grounds, so long as you do it in writing within 14 days of receiving the written notice, to the person to whom you submitted the original request.

Download the form to submit a formal request

Submit your request

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