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University of Bath Library card Access queries

Advice for University of Bath Library card holders about setting up additional access to department spaces, accommodation and other university facilities.

How do I setup additional access permissions on my Library card?

When library cards are printed for new staff and students they are setup to give access to the Library through the Security entrance gates. The card will also grant entry to current staff and students to the Virgil Building. This access should be functional straightaway.

The first time you use a new or replacement library card to access a campus printer machine, you'll be asked to manually enter your University username and password via the control screen.

Additional access to accommodation, sports facilities, laboratories or other departmental workspaces can be added to the Library card. This access is usually set up by staff in those departments for groups of students at the start of each academic year. However, access may need to be manually added by staff in academic and service departments for late arrivals and new staff.

You can contact Access Control staff to request access to specific doors and other services (for example, bike stores) using the online request form linked from their webpage.

Please note that Library staff do not have the means or the authority to enable access to departmental/school workspaces, accommodation blocks or Sports facilities through the library card. Access queries will need to be referred to other departments and professional service sections as described above.

Replacements for Lost Library cards have a new card number. The old card is invalidated when a new card number is generated. While most campus and accommodation access will transfer automatically to the new card number there are at least two exceptions where access will need to be updated manually before a replacement card will grant the required access:

  • Students living in Quads Accommodation - refer to Accommodation Centre staff for advice
  • Cardholders trying to access the Sports Training Village should ask STV Reception staff to re-encode their card access

Due to the variety of uses associated with the library card it is not possible to reactivate a previously lost and invalidated card that is subsequently found.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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