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Using coloured caps for sample tubes on the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance instruments

If you use the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) facilities in 1 South, make sure you use the correct cap colour for your research group's samples.

A sample changer showing NMR tubes with different coloured caps
The 400 MHz sample changer with NMR tubes of samples from different research groups

To help you identify and collect your samples efficiently, we've allocated a coloured cap to each research group. This also allows the NMR staff to return samples to laboratories if needed.

J-Young tubes and pressure tubes are not included in the coloured cap system.

How to use the coloured cap system

Only run samples with caps assigned to your group, otherwise your samples could go missing.

Make sure you label your samples so they don’t get mixed up with samples from other group members.

Spotted caps

We have drawn a spot on some of the caps because NMR spectroscopy is a popular technique and we only have caps in twelve colours.

If your group has spotted caps, please draw the spots back on if they come off. If you don’t, another group might collect your samples.

Collecting coloured caps

If your research group hasn't collected your caps, please come to 1 South, room 0.46. We have pens you can use to mark your caps with spots if required.

Please also return any caps you have in other colours.

Expanding the system to 9 West

We also hope to implement this system for our 9 West spectrometers.

If your research group uses the 1 South and 9 West spectrometers, we'll try to allocate you the same colour in both buildings.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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