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Working with the University as a Contractor or Consultant

The steps you should take before working with us as a Contractor or Consultant, including our code of safe working practices and forms that you must complete.

Signing in Contractors and Visitors

As a Contractor, your Campus Infrastructure contact will organise your booking using the Sky Visitor contractor management system. You will be required to provide evidence of current PLI and ELI insurance documentation, your Health and Safety Policy, job specific RAMS, and a recent UKATA Asbestos Awareness certificate for all persons that will be working on site. All Contractors undertaking work for Campus Infrastructure, must sign in using one of the automated kiosks (these are located in the Campus Infrastructure Office, The Library, and Green Park House reception areas). Once signed in, you will be able to print an ID badge and parking permit.

Visitors (consultants or company representatives) that will not be working on the fabric of the buildings and will be accompanied for the duration of your visit, will not be required to provide the same credentials as required by Contractors. You will, however, still need to sign in as a Visitor.

Complete an induction

As part of the booking procedure, you will be asked to complete the Campus Infrastructure induction. You will not be able to sign in until the induction has been completed. Those undertaking any electrical work need to complete an additional electrical induction. This requirement will be confirmed by your Campus Infrastructure contact.

Create an account to view our Asbestos Register

Before you start any work on University buildings, you must check the asbestos register. When planning any works, your Campus Infrastructure contact will set up an account in MiCad that will give you access to the asbestos register. You will receive an email asking you to create a password. Once your account has been set up, you will be able to access the register remotely. Information within the asbestos register should inform the content of your RAMS.

Read our code of practice

You must follow the code of safe working practices for contractors to make sure you work safely and comply with health and safety legislation.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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