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What are our ambitions

Our Vision is to be an outstanding and inclusive University community, characterised by excellence in education, research, and innovation, working in partnership with others for the advancement of knowledge, in support of the global common good.  

Over the last ten years, we have invested over £450m in our stunning campus, with cutting edge teaching and sporting facilities, and market leading technology enabled accommodation. But our continuous improvement now focuses heavily on our digital capabilities, as we push into a new era of innovation and digital readiness to ensure that we continue to be at the forefront of academia.

With a new digital strategy and new Chief Information & Digital Officer (CIDO), we are now embarking on an ambitious and complex programme of digital transformation that will ensure that we continue to meet the current demands of our customers and colleagues.

We have published an ambitious new university strategy, underpinned by our enabling digital strategy and the delivery of a digital transformation programme, which builds on our distinctive, nationally-leading position in the higher education sector and seeks to advance our impact by:

  • growing our reputation for University education through internationally leading courses which are rigorous, relevant, and pioneering and which attract highly achieving students from diverse backgrounds, enhanced by high-value placement and extracurricular opportunities to help students to take their ideas and passions to the next level
  • growing our research strength to drive research quality, achievement, and impact at international levels
  • growing our identity as a strong learning community in which collective endeavour and a culture of care enable the flourishing of all
  • growing our strategic civic, corporate, and international partnerships to allow us to fulfil our ambitious vision in education, research and enterprise

We will seek to enhance our global position within the top world-leading institutions in ways which respect and support our community, our values, and our environment.