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Our Ambition

Chemical separations are critical to almost every aspect of our lives, from the energy we use to the medications we take, but consume 10-15% of the total world energy. Highly selective membranes could make these separations 10-times more efficient and save 100m tonnes/year of CO2 emissions annually. More selective separation processes are essential to renewable energy, clean growth, waste recovery, pharma and food processing, water treatment and many others.  As an interdisciplinary group working across chemistry, materials and process engineering. 

We are guided by the ambition to address the biggest environmental, economic and societal challenges of our times, gaining from our collaboration with other SynHiSel Universities and industrial partners to achieve this. Part of our ambition is to develop a new generation of talent in the field, building a cohort of research associates and PhD studentships who will gain the unique experience of working in an interdisciplinary and cross sector team. 

The vision is to support a group that will create the high selectivity membranes needed to enable the adoption of a novel generation of emerging high-value/high-efficiency processes.