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Academic Department Committee Structure

An overview of the committee structure for academic departments



  1. Each academic department will establish:

  2. This structure will be routinely supported by the administrative staff of each department.

  3. Additional committees/working parties/other groups may be established at the discretion of the Head of Department. However, any arrangements for support beyond those of the standard structure above are subject to negotiation and agreement with the Dean and Director of Administration.

  4. In the case of a small department (e.g. Department of Chemical Engineering), the Head of Department may choose to establish some committees with common membership so that the business of each committee can effectively be combined by holding a series of short meetings over (say) one morning.

  5. It is recognised that a number of Joint Committees are currently in existence (e.g. IMML Joint Committee). The future arrangements for these bodies will be reviewed by the Deans of Directors of Administration of each faculty/school concerned.

  6. The Industrial Advisory Boards operated by the Faculty of Engineering and Design will continue to operate as previously.

  7. Staff from the faculty will attend meetings at departmental level as appropriate to maintain communication and co-ordination between the faculty and department (for example, where matters for consideration have implications for the faculty as a whole).

  8. The minutes of meetings of Department Committees will be available on request to all members of staff within each department.

Approved by Senate

wef 1st October 2012


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