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Appointing a Pro Vice-Chancellor

The procedure followed by the Senior Academic Appointments Committee to appoint a Pro Vice-Chancellor.


In accordance with Section 7.2 of the Statutes, the Senior Academic Appointments Committee is responsible for considering and recommending to Council via Senate persons for appointment as Pro-Vice-Chancellor. The Committee is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor.


  1. The Vice-Chancellor will invite the views of Vice-Chancellor's Group, Deans/Heads of School, Heads of Academic and Professional Services Departments on the vacancy for Pro-Vice-Chancellor, particularly the proposed remit of the post. Other interested parties relevant to the specific remit of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor will also be consulted as appropriate. The consultation will be by e-mail and/or meeting(s) as necessary.

  2. A job description, person specification, notice of vacancy and candidate brief will be prepared by the Vice-Chancellor and the Director of Human Resources.

  3. Following notice of the vacancy on the University's Website and receipt of expressions of interest in the vacancy, the Vice-Chancellor will meet with prospective candidates for the vacancy as necessary.

  4. The Vice-Chancellor will recommend the candidate(s) for consideration by the Senior Academic Appointments Committee. The Committee will then recommend the selected candidate for appointment by Council via Senate.

  5. A letter of appointment will be sent by the Director of Human Resources to the successful candidate following the meeting of Council.


  1. If the Vice-Chancellor decides to recruit externally for a Pro-Vice-Chancellor, the procedure for recruitment of a Deputy Vice-Chancellor will apply (except that the Deputy Vice-Chancellor can be selected for the Search Committee or Interview Panel).

  2. Internal candidates are eligible to apply for vacancies subject to external recruitment. The advertisement for any such vacancy will be placed on the University's Website.

  3. The Vice-Chancellor will determine whether to recommend to the Senior Academic Appointments Committee that the existing postholder continue for a further term by reviewing their performance and following appropriate consultation within the University. If the existing postholder is recommended by the Committee and Senate to continue for a further term, this will be subject to appointment by Council and then announced on the University's Website.


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