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Curriculum Transformation Committee terms of reference

The terms of reference for the Curriculum Transformation Committee, including its primary responsibilities and procedural rules.

Terms And Conditions

Terms of reference

  • to undertake the scrutiny of proposals for courses designed or redesigned according to the 'curriculum transformation' process, principles and academic framework
  • In relation to new courses*:
    (a) to consider and make recommendations for approval to Senate, at the end of Phase 2;
    (b) to consider and approve the outcomes of Phase 3.
  • In relation to existing courses:
    (a) to consider and approve the outcomes of Phase 1 of curriculum transformation, where there is no strategic impact on the University's portfolio of courses*;
    (b) to consider and approve exemptions to the principles and/or new academic framework for curriculum transformation at Phase 2 or 3. *Academic Programmes Committee remains responsible for the approval of Phase 1 outcomes for all new courses, and for those existing courses where the proposed changes have a strategic impact e.g. the withdrawal of a course or a change of course title.

Procedural rules


The term of office for nominated members of the Committee is three years (renewable). In the event that a nominated member ceases to be eligible to serve, a replacement to serve for the remainder of their term of office will be nominated (renewable).


Co-option is at the discretion of the Committee in accordance with Senate Standing Order 16.


Alternates are permitted in accordance with Senate Standing Order 17.


There shall be a quorum at meetings of one-third of the membership of the Committee. See Senate Standing Order 16.

Rules for Voting

There are no specified rules for voting.


Minutes are submitted to Senate, Academic Programmes Committee and Learning, Teaching and Quality Committee.

Version information

Owner: Curriculum Transformation Committee
Version number:
Approval Date: 17 October 2018
Approved By: Senate
Date of last review: 9 June 2021


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