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Department Executive Committee

The membership and terms of reference for academic departments establishing an Executive Committee



The membership of the Committee is at the discretion of the Head of Department who acts as Chair of the Committee.

Terms of Reference

To advise the Head of Department on:

  1. the contribution of the department to development of strategy and policy at faculty level in relation to learning, teaching, research and enterprise and its implementation within the department.

  2. preparation of the department's annual plan (including financial projections and risk register) for submission to the faculty as required by the University's annual planning process.

  3. proposals for development of programmes and collaborative provison offered by the department and their submission for formal approval by the University.

  4. monitoring and review of the performance and activities of the department in relation to learning, teaching, research and enterprise.

  5. monitoring the budget of the department.

  6. mangement, operation and resourcing issues within the department, including staffing matters (such as academic staff progression) and resource requirements (such as space allocation, equipment and staffing).

  7. any other relevant matters relating to the department.


Meetings: Attendance at meetings of the Committee by persons other tahn members of the Committee is by invitation only. Any such attendance must be approved by the Chair in advance of the meeting. The Committee will normally meet on a monthly basis.

Minutes: Submitted to Faculty Executive Committee. The minutes may be circulated with the agenda and papers for each meeting of the Faculty Executive Committee or may be placed on the Learning Materials Filestore for access by members of the Faculty Executive Committee in advance of their next meeting.


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