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Equal pay policy

How we pay our staff fairly in line with equal pay legislation.


Human Resources
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Approval date
01 Jan 2015
Approved by
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Date of last review
19 Mar 2024
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1. Policy statement

1.1 The University of Bath supports the principle of equality of treatment in employment, and is committed to having procedures to determine the pay and conditions of employment of all our employees that do not discriminate unlawfully and are free from bias.

1.2 The University understands that equal pay between men and women is a legal right under UK and European Law.

2. Definitions

2.1 For the purposes of this policy, and in line with relevant legislation, pay is defined by Article 141 of the Treaty of Rome as:

“The ordinary basic or minimum wage or salary and any other consideration, whether in cash or kind, which the worker receives directly or indirectly in respect of his (her) employment from his (her) employer”.

Pay therefore includes pensions, bonuses and sick pay, as well as other benefits of monetary value.

2.2 The following terms are contained in Equal Pay legislation:

  • like work is defined as work which is the same or broadly similar
  • work rated as equivalent is defined as work which has achieved the same or a similar number of points under a job evaluation scheme
  • work of equal value is defined as work which is of broadly equal value when compared under headings such as effort, skill and decisions

3. Objectives

3.1 The University will:

  • discuss and agree the equal pay policy with trade unions
  • undertake regular equal pay reviews for core staff in line with guidance issued by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)
  • monitor starting salaries for new staff
  • assess and review findings of the equal pay review through the Equal Pay Review Group, with includes a trade union representative, and take action where necessary
  • provide training and guidance for those involved in determining pay
  • carry out regular monitoring of the impact of our pay practices

4. Complaints

4.1 If a member of staff has a complaint about the lack of equal pay they should, in the first instance, speak to their line manager, Head of Department or Dean who will consult with the HR Department. If these informal approaches do not satisfy the member of staff should contact their Faculty/Department HR Manager.

5. Monitoring

5.1 The HR Department will undertake regular equal pay reviews. The findings of these reviews will be considered by the Vice-Chancellor’s Group and Council as part of the annual HR Report.

6. Responsibilities

6.1 The Vice-Chancellor is responsible for ensuring that employees are treated equitably. The HR Department has an additional responsibility for ensuring that initial starting salaries are consistent with this policy.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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