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General legal advice

Scope of services provided by the legal advisers.

Code Of Practice

We provide advice to the University on a wide range of legal issues which arise from the many activities undertaken at the University. We also manage the relationships with external lawyers when it is appropriate to use their services. For more information please read the protocol for obtaining legal advice.

The legal advisers provide advice and assistance on a variety of commerical contracts including those relating to software or consultancy as well as academic collaborations and other strategic arrangements. where matters of confidentiality arise the legal advisers will advise on the appropriate wording to protect the University's interests.

We also advise on governance matters and the interpretation of legislation affecting the University. Assistance in drafting policies and procedures can be provided together with advice on legal issues arising from staff and student complaints and grievances.

In addition we advise on Data Protection and Freedom of Information compliance.

The legal advisers can only act for the University and are not able to provide personal advice to either students or members of staff.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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