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Parking regulations

If you park a vehicle on campus, you must comply with our regulations and conditions.


The use of motor vehicles on campus section in the University regulations applies to everyone parking on campus.

The University will not accept responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles or their contents unless it is caused as a result of the University’s negligence.

By bringing a vehicle onto campus, you agree to abide by the following conditions. These form a part of the contract of parking at the University. You should not park:

  • across more than a single marked bay or outside of a designated parking bay
  • in an accessible space without displaying a Blue Badge if you are a visitor
  • in an accessible space without displaying a valid Exempt permit for Blue Badge holders along with your Blue Badge if you are a member of staff
  • in a loading bay during restricted hours when not actually unloading
  • in a reserved space Monday to Friday without displaying a Reserved Space permit
  • in a restricted road/street
  • in an area reserved for emergency vehicles
  • in an unauthorised area
  • in a permit holder area Monday to Friday if you do not have a permit
  • without making a £1.30 pay and park payment (£1.20 + 10p booking fee) via JustPark location 187813 Monday to Sunday as an Occasional User permit holder
  • on double yellow lines or in a cross-hatched area
  • on grassed or gravel areas not designed for parking unless directed by Security staff on that occasion
  • in a way that causes obstruction or inconvenience to others
  • for longer than the permitted time as indicated when you make your pay and park payment on JustPark

Due to strict restrictions, we advise you not to park on residential streets around the campus.

Parking permit conditions

If you have a parking permit, you must also follow the conditions listed above. If you don't, you could get a parking charge notice.

Parking permits must be placed in a transparent holder in the vehicle windscreen and displayed at all times.

We issue permits according to the University regulations and the following conditions:

  • vehicles parked in breach of the parking regulations may be issued with a parking charge notice and may lead to the cancellation of a parking permit
  • photocopies of permits are not permitted; only originals are valid for parking
  • you can have only one motor vehicle on campus at any time per permit
  • it is your responsibility to ensure the permit has been renewed by the expiry date shown
  • permits do not guarantee a parking space unless you are a Reserved Space permit holder
  • permits are not valid in visitor spaces unless it is a visitor permit
  • parking spaces should not be used as a place to leave your vehicle for extended periods
  • if you park vehicles on the University site, you do so at your own risk

Your permit may be removed if you misuse your permit, or use a vehicle on the University roads in an unsafe way. The Head of Security Services is responsible for the decision to remove permits on a case-by-case basis

Parking charge notices

If you don't display a valid parking permit or pay to park, we can issue you with a parking charge notice of £60. This is reduced to £30 if you pay within 14 days.

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