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Response times for maintenance and repairs in accommodation

How quickly we respond to requests for maintenance and repairs in accommodation buildings.


Two-hour response time

We respond within two hours when you report:

  • fire, or imminent risk of fire or an explosion
  • gas leaks
  • any incident that presents an immediate danger to personal safety
  • substantial flood or leakage of water from plumbing or heating service not contained by local drains
  • loss of electrical supply to a building or a significant part of a building (more than one room)
  • lift breakdown with passengers inside
  • a problem affecting the external security of buildings, flats or individual student bedrooms

24-hour response time

We respond within 24 hours when you report:

  • blocked drains, blocked toilets or internal waste pipes
  • loss of heating on a building basis
  • loss of heating to residential rooms where temporary re‐location is not possible
  • loss of hot or cold water on a building basis
  • loss of hot or cold water to residential rooms where temporary re‐location is not possible
  • loss of electrical supply in an entire residential room or area
  • broken glass in a window or door (may involve boarding or application of a security film and returning to reglaze later)
  • unusable sanitary fittings where they are the only ones available for use (for example, in en‐suite rooms)
  • any incident giving rise to a serious safety risk (such as floor coverings, steps, paved areas)
  • lighting failure on a local basis* where no other light source exists and the Accommodation team are unable to provide temporary desk lamps
  • any emergency lighting failure
  • loss of other local services, such as ventilation and air conditioning
  • water leak not causing damage to the building, such as a tap that won't turn off
  • lift breakdown with no passengers inside
  • loss of all cooking facilities
  • loss of IT network (report to the Digital Data & Technology Group in the first instance)
  • emergency key cutting (when there is no other key available)
  • broken or missing window restrictors, when affecting security or health and safety

There may be circumstances when a '24 hour' response is not suitable, such as when an event is taking place. In these cases, a 'same day' response may be the target.

Three-day response time

We respond within three days when you report:

  • loss of cooking facility when other elements or appliances are available
  • lighting failure when other lighting exists in the room
  • water ingress into a room that is not causing immediate problems but could cause problems in the long term
  • damage to an internal door that could cause security problems
  • blocked external drains
  • key cutting (if the spare key is missing)
  • loss of water supply on a local basis* (other outlets available)
  • loss of electrical power on a local basis,* such as an individual socket circuit, when other outlets are available
  • broken or missing window restrictors (no security or health and safety issue)
  • faulty mail box (may be escalated to 24 hours if contents are of an urgent nature)

Seven-day response time

We respond within seven days when you request:

  • lost or missing floor tiles and paving where there is a minimal safety risk
  • replacement of cracked glass not giving rise to security or safety risk
  • replacement or repairs to sanitary ware fittings, such as plugs and seats
  • adjustment of door closures or floor springs
  • repairs to joinery items such as doors and windows, where there is no security risk
  • refix loose fixtures and fittings

Agreed response times

We will contact you with a specific response time when you request:

  • repairs or replacement furniture
  • repairs to furniture when the damage affects the functionality of the room (mostly covered by Handymen)
  • creation or replacement of nameplates for room occupants (mostly covered by Handymen)
  • painting (mostly covered by Handymen)
  • replacement of cracked sanitary ware when the damage has not prevented use or caused a health and safety risk
  • installation of standard telephone and data sockets
  • plaster repairs or redecoration
  • cutting of additional spare keys
  • any other task that has been rearranged

*'on a local basis' means the Helpdesk may ask further questions if they need more clarification to determine the scale and impact of the issue you are reporting.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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