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Tendering for business with the University

Find out about our procurement processes.


The University of Bath is committed to advertising and tendering opportunities electronically wherever possible. This is consistent with UK Government’s preferred approach to Public sector procurement as exemplified in the November 2008 government report “Accelerating the SME economic engine: through transparent, simple and strategic procurement” Anne Glover CBE. © Crown copyright 2008. ISBN 978-1-84532-512-1 PU635

The full report / document can be found at the HM Treasury Website

If you require this information in another language, format or have general enquiries about HM Treasury and its work, contact:


A key recommendation from the report is that, “Government should issue all tender documentation electronically by 2010 and this should be kept as brief as possible. Businesses should be permitted to tender electronically for all public sector contracts by 2010; no “paper only” tenders should be required after this date, with an ambition for all tenders to be electronic by 2012.”

Delta eSourcing is provided by BIP Solutions as the preferred tendering tool.

University of Bath tender advertisements include basic instructions enabling suppliers who wish to tender to access the Delta eSourcing tool and enable an electronic response to the Invitation to Tender (ITT) to be made. You can find out further information on the BIP solutions website .

Example Advert:

This notice, subsequent Tender and Award are part of the University of Bath E-tendering programme in conjunction with BiP Solutions Ltd. In order to participate suppliers should express their interest by registering on the following website, entering the following Tender Access Code (TAC) 01T12345678 as requested during the registration process. Once registered you will receive an email containing a username and password to allow access to the Delta-ets service. This will allow you to access the Tender document contained within the Vault section of the website, this is the means of "expression of interest".

Documents should be downloaded then completed and returned through the system as per instructions. If you require assistance in using the eTendering Vault Service to submit your completed response, it is available from BiP Solutions Ltd on 0845 270 70 50 or email Assistance on completing documents is available from the University of Bath via the Vault services email the buyer facility. Please note a paper version of the Tender is available upon request from the address in 1.1 above. GO reference: GO 012345678/01

If you need help

Guidance on (help with) secure Document Exchange via Delta eSourcing is available as follows:

Or from: BiP Solutions Ltd on 0845 270 70 50 or email


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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