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Risk, Resilience and Compliance

Our teams support a range of assurance functions including organisational resilience, risk management, compliance, legal services, FOI and internal audit.

Risk Management

Risk Management is a central part of the organisation’s strategic and operational management. It involves the identification, assessment, treatment and monitoring of risks associated with key organisational activities.

Organisational Resilience including Business Continuity

Resilience is the ability of an organisation to anticipate, respond and adapt to its environment, including a variety of incidents. Business Continuity Management (BCM) provides a framework for building resilience and capacity for an effective response.


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Incident Response Framework (IRF)

The Incident Response Framework (IRF) provides a scalable framework to be used in a variety of scenarios from major incidents to business continuity disruptions

Incident Response Plans

Incident response plans to ensure the university responds to specific incidents, to be used in conjunction with the IRF.

Business Continuity Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the University has plans and processes in place to develop and maintain effective business continuity arrangements.


We provide assurance to management and governance on our institutional compliance across a range of activities. We offer advice and guidance on policies and procedures to ensure compliance with Office for Students (OfS) conditions of registration.


Our safeguarding policies are designed to protect children and adults at risk of harm on our premises or involved in University activities.


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Export Control

We operate in a global higher education market and some of our research and teaching activities may fall in scope of the export controls imposed by the UK Government.

Financial Sanctions Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the University complies with sanctions laws and regulations issued by the UK and US governments

University Standing Groups

These Standing Groups have oversight of various aspects of institutional business and/or compliance on behalf of the University Executive Board and are advisory to UEB.

Our teams

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Internal Audit team

Internal Audit are a campus-based team of University employees who are organisationally independent of all of the University's operational activities.

Legal Advisers

We provide advice to the University on a wide range of legal issues which arise from the many activities undertaken at the University.

Risk, Resilience and Compliance

We are responsible for the development and oversight of the organisational approach to Risk Management, Resilience including Business Continuity and Compliance

About us

We support a range of related assurance functions including operational resilience, risk management, compliance, legal services, FOI and internal audit. We provide leadership and oversight of the institutional approach to Prevent, Safeguarding, Business Continuity and Incident (Emergency) Management.