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University of Bath

Person Profiles

Contact information and role details for members of staff.

  • Conn O'Rourke

    Research Software Engineer

    Conn supports the development of sustainable research software for the University community

  • Georgie Wellock

    Research Software Engineer

    Georgie is a member of the ARC team, splitting her time between the STOP project in the Department for Health and helping with software workshops and training.

  • Kaushik Shetgaonkar

    High Performance Computing Systems Developer

    Kaushik works for the Advancing Research Computing (ARC) Team. He has over 12 years of experience working with large scale HPC Systems in R&D environments.

  • Stefano Angioni

    Cloud Solutions Developer

    Stefano is a member of the Advancing Research Computing (ARC) team and is developing cloud solutions for HPC applications

  • Steven Chapman

    Advancing Research Computing Manager

    Steven leads the Advancing Research Computing (ARC) team. He has over 15 years of developing, promoting and being an advocate for research computing.