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Department or group : all → Imaging Facility


  • Diana Szeidler-Lednitzky

    Instrument Specialist - Bio Electron Microscopy

    Diana provides advice and support for electron microscopy and spectroscopy, including image and data collection, sample preparation, and user training.

  • Mathew Ball

    Senior Technician

    Mathew leads the operation, training, and maintenance of the Mechanical Engineering-based Imaging Facility instrumentation.

  • Michael Zachariadis

    Instrument Specialist - Bio Imaging

    Michael manages the Bio Imaging instruments in the Imaging Facility, providing support, expert advice, and training in image and data acquisition and analysis.

  • Philip Fletcher

    Senior Instrument Specialist - Electron Microscopy

    Philip is the Imaging Facility leader, overseeing the electron microscopy, X-ray analysis and molecular spectroscopy instruments, providing advice and training.

  • Silvia Martínez Micol

    General Technician - Biology and Microscopy

    Silvia delivers technical support to services across the Imaging Facility portfolio, with a primary responsibility for biology and microscopy.

  • Wayne Liu

    Technical Specialist

    Wayne is responsible for the micro-CT scanner in the Structure and Material laboratory.