University of Bath

Person Profiles

Contact information and role details for members of staff.

  • Gavin Edwards

    IAAPS Programme Director

    Heading up delivery of IAAPS and responsible for overseeing the completion of the building, developing commercial partnerships and delivery of all operations.

  • Henry Watts

    IAAPS Project Manager

    Henry is responsible for project-level governance for IAAPS, ensuring the programme keeps to schedule and budget through robust leadership and management.

  • Rob Oliver

    IAAPS Chief Engineer

    Rob is responsible for the technical execution of IAAPS, this includes test systems, building integration and delivery of testing activity.

  • Sarah Sempala-Ntege

    IAAPS Communications Lead

    Sarah is responsible for the IAAPS communications strategy, ensuring all our stakeholders are kept updated on project developments and its launch in Autumn 2020

  • Tamsin Foxwell

    IAAPS People Lead

    Tamsin is responsible for the IAAPS people strategy - ensuring we create the right culture to attract, develop and retain world-leading talent.